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Disposable blood pressure cuff covers

If you are looking for a custom   sized   cover  to

fit   non - standard  sized

cuffs.  We can easily manufacture those sizes for you.  There are no set up fees.

Reused blood pressure cuffs are documented in every research report to be a source of cross-contamination. There are 2 million hospital acquired infections per year in the USA.  80,000 deaths are directly attributed to these infections. The cost per infection can be as much as $35,000. Often, these costs are not reimbursed.

We have  developed   a cost efficient  way  to  prevent  cross-contamination  of  blood  pressure  cuffs  that  we  call Cuff-Guard®.  We make the only disposable cuff cover in the world, unlike disposable cuffs that are reused from patient to patient. Currently on the market now, disposable cuffs have been documented to carry the same disease load as conventional cuffs.

Cuff-Guard® was designed to be used on a single patient - then discarded. Cuff-Guard® will provide the protection from cross-contamination your patients and staff deserve.


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Arm-Guard affords you protection above and beyond your   glove. Protect the rest of your exposed  arm  with  our   see through sleeve. Arm Guard  protects the exposed arm area from any blood, chemical or biological agent.  

CuffGuard® is designed to be a single use disposable cover for blood pressure cuffs. Available in all sizes. Easy to use and provides a clean surface for your patient and healthcare providers.

Extreme Contamination Video Helps Educate

Our tourniquet covers help reduce cross-contamination and extend the life of your tourniquets.  It is easy to apply and comes in two sizes.  


Can help eliminate