Arm-Guard                    Order#:  AG-30

Pack of 50 (25 pairs)

Package of 50 measures   10" x 3" x 6.5"


Bowen Medical 


Wearing protective gloves is a necessity.  If you are wearing a short sleeved shirt, there is exposed skin of the arms that are not protected. We make a clear - see through sleeve to protect this exposed area from any blood, chemical or biological agent.  The sleeve has no gap at the wrist and is easy to use.  Arm-Guard is very low priced and used routinely by many large EMS units.

What is Arm-guard?

Arm-Guard is made from a clear soft plastic.  This latex free sleeve comfortably slides over the forearm.  Simply place your glove on as usual to provide a leak-proof barrier against liquids such as blood and water.  The clear plastic allows the user to see their watch. At the top of the sleeve there is an elastic band that keeps Arm-Guard in place.  This product is a practical example of low cost insurance against infection.