Adult Size 10" diameter                     Order #:  V-5

Pack of 50

Package of 50 measures  9.5" x 7.5" x 3"

Large Adult Size 16" diameter          Order #:  V-6

Pack of 50

Package of 50 measures  12" x 8.5" x 4" 

Tourniquet covers


Tourniquet cover

Our tourniquet cover is used in surgical settings to prevent blood and splash contamination on the tourniquet or vascular

cover.  The cover will alleviate the expense of washing and decontaminating used tourniquets. 

It is easy to use.  

​1.  It is suggested to wrap the area of the limb where you will place the tourniquet with webril or another soft material  

     to prevent wrinkles in the skin.

2.  Slide tourniquet cover over webril and center at place where tourniquet is to be applied.

3.  Apply tourniquet in usual fashion.

4.  Fold one end of cover back over the tourniquet, then fold the other end in the opposite direction.

5.  Tourniquet tubing will protrude out between the folds.

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